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Why Dedicated Customer Service Professionals (CSPs)?

We know that in today's marketplace, Brand Image is extremely important. You need to outsource but will the quality live up to what your customers have become dependent on and preserve the Brand Image you have worked hard to promote?

For many retailers this is a real problem. Trying to outsource customer contacts while preserving the budget often involves having your calls answered in a "shared agent" environment, where one CSP may be taking calls for up to ten different companies! This a disaster waiting for a place to happen and when it does, it will be all over the social media sites within hours.

CCMS3 takes pride in their hard earned reputation for providing quality customer service and support at a reasonable price point. To provide the level of Brand Image protection and superior customer service, CCMS3 provides their clients with a "dedicated agent" service model that entails our CSPs being assigned to one client only. This allows our CSPs to become subject matter experts on your brand. We can show you how our Dedicated Rates stack up against shared. In most cases, the Dedicated Rates are the best value.

These dedicated CSPs enable your brand to stand out from the crowd. Customers may have specialized needs or your product offering may be highly nuanced. Whatever the case, utilizing dedicated CSPs to highlight your brand, can offer the distinguished support your company is known for.

Our partnership begins by choosing a select group of CSPs who will only work for you and aligning with your brand identity so that we can truly represent your company as if we were working out of your own office. In effect, they become your CSPS.

We pride ourselves on the exceptional care we extend to every customer. Your expert group of CSPs will study your brand so that they know it as well as your own employees. CCMS3's CSPs know that customer retention and loyalty begins and ends with the level of service your customers receive.

What else can Dedicated CSPS do for us?

Dedicated CSPs historically achieve a higher sales percentage rate (some estimates place this at 33% or more) than CSPs working in a shared environment. By tapping into your corporate brain trust, CCMS3 managers work to assimilate all of the particulars of your organization, especially the employee and customer relations cultures. We want your customers to feel like they are calling your in-house staff. To support all of these Brand Image procedures, CCMS3 provides a host of services such as inbound order taking, cross-sell / upsell, after sale customer service and outbound customer follow-ups in an effort to increase your revenue in a Multi-Channel setting.

Dedicated CSPs are better equipped to begin handling E-Mail, Chat and Social Media responses as part of our CCMS3 consolidated queue where multiple customer touch points can be best handled by these experts. Only those CSPs with a proven aptitude for being Multi-Channel Customer Support Professionals will be chosen for this up-skill training.

Competency and Compassion at all Customer touch points--The CCMS3 Difference "Where Mulit-Channel Customer Service is a Reality"

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