CALL CENTER MANAGEMENT SERVICES recognizes the explicit challenges of acquiring
new sales. That’s why we’ve developed an industry-leading operational process designed to
ensure our clients an optimal return on their investment. We conduct detailed industry-specific
telesales training, allocate valuable incentives tied to productivity, utilize proprietary list
management techniques, and operate our dialing technology in peak efficiency, resulting in a
maximum number of calls converting into new customer sales. We offer the market’s most cost
effective solutions for:
Customer Acquisition
- We understand how to provide benefits to the customer that close
the sale while being customer centric in our rapport and interaction. We are sensitive to the
existing business relationship but understand the financial value each sale brings both to the
customer and our clients
Lead Generation & Sales
telesales and marketing can supplement your own sales programs or become a lead
Proactive Customer Service and Sales Support
– Surprise your customers! Don’t wait for
them to call you, check-in with them, make sure they know you value them.
They will tell
others that you offer
than just quality products at a good price.
While we are at it we
will give them the chance to purchase from you again and they will be glad you reached out to
Up Sell and Cross Sell
- Whether providing direct response services for marketing
campaigns or enabling companies to test new or special offers with existing customers, CALL
CENTER MANAGEMENT SERVICES is an expert at converting opportunities to sales. We
provide higher conversion rates and improve the average revenue per sale.
Customer Win Back & Reactivation -
Our Customer Care group utilizes our fully integrated
CRM technology to maintain seamless customer communications. We have vast experience
in both consumer and business programs, with a solid track record of winning back and
reactivating recent or long dormant customers.
House File - Data Verification –
maintain Circulation Fitness Programs and data bases, by directly verifying the contact data
in your house files. Results, a reduction in mailing costs and increasing sales by making sure
you are reaching the buyer.
Political and not-for-Profit
political marketing arm that those running for office, special interests and NFP’s count on. We
provide the highest quality contacts for political efforts including voter ID, donor acquisition,
retention and cultivation, get out the vote and special event promotion. Our Fundraising
Group makes a difference in the lives of thousands of people around the world.
Surveys and Market Research Programs–
Identifying and satisfying customer needs is
essential for developing marketing programs, identifying target markets, understanding
market segments, and responding to competitive threats. CALL CENTER MANAGEMENT
SERVICES uses a variety of tools and approaches to help you investigate consumer
preferences, attitudes, and behaviors so you can make informed decisions.
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